What an important act this is …”Listening”…listening to others…listening to your parent to your kid …to your partner …to your soul …and to your body …

We sometimes neglect that …we hear but we don’t listen …and what a damn mistake then if we don’t …

Things and people may be quiet when they “speak” so we don’t pay attention until they get “loud” demanding the attention …hopefully they get heard in time…because if we don’t listen …if we don’t hear then …it might be bad…or damaging…

Not listening to your soul and or body at the right time can cause you illness…literally …so best act fast to stay healthy …

Not listening to others can cause you both different issues which you certainly can avoid by “listening” …

Learning to “listen” is certainly a blessing …a blessing I am learning to appreciate more than anything …especially the minute I have started to “listen”…;)

The song chosen for this entry “Quando Quando Quando” – Fergie Feat. nice version of the song which took me a while to find it …hahaha


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Free Souls Outlaws Of Gor…


About 7 years ago Free Souls Of Gor Outlaws group has been created and it played in sl gor till this day the 4th of Mrach 2017 …the date which was chosen to be closed due to real occupations in both private and business rl .

Great times been spent , despite of the drama or anger which we suffered from certain people who thrive only to create it and upset others …clearly due to their bad nature and or miserable rl …but they are “non factors ” to be considered , thus …all has passed and will be forgotten …

The game was fun , played with friends and family who communicated wonderfully to achieve the same goal …

Too bad the game has changed and SL gor has been dying for a while now… and we were just trying to revive it …its destiny been sealed …and slowly what is left there is few groups who were playing the pew pew together more than anything else …

I have loved the game …I have loved the people …even though I have been hurt by some who have used my kindness …

I have love this game and played it with so much passion despite of all the obstacles and harrasment which I have suffered sometimes from certain sad people for their own personal motives …like being dumped , jealous , banned …and though it has pissed me off to even needing to deal with such evil crap …I still remained there all this time because of the most wonderful people I have met in this game …especially my love Vas who has shared and sharing all with me sl and rl …till my rl demanded that we leave knowing we have done our best to contribute to the sl gor and its commuity the best we could …

We leave it today knowing we won’t be forgotten …just as we won’t forget you and the years we spent together …Cheers!

The song chosen for this entry :”Memories” By the legend Barbara Streisand …

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ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal)- Some gorean history …Just another Gorean Trash…


Funny …but almost all people in gor are the same people …however they hide on alts for this or that reason …the people who are still using their old accounts are few and those I would only call them “Stable” characters.

One of the people who hid/ are hiding behind alts is the called Elijah …and here we have to honor him with this entry for those old timers sake who surely remember him by the name of Marcus …Pride…( and damn what a pride lol )…

Back in 2014 Valhalla was created by him and sassy …they both were in Immortals before that …sassy was the daughter of Z and baby however Marcus was a thrall at immortals …he managed to play Sassy and gain her trust …and they opened / ran together Valhalla…

The dude is a sick dutch who needed/needs a lot of rape rp apparently to be able to live his shitty rl …usually rapists are abused in rl …so we can only pity him and Sahale whom I will handle in my next entry ….

As his game was shit , Valhalla was literally a new group which was banned all over gor …till one day he decided to go on his “crazy attack” flatten the sim and eject all the members from the group leaving Sassy to pick up her wounds and pull the group back by approaching each and every group in gor explaining to them that he no longer exists in Valhalla and that it’s now her group which won’t be conducted as it did till that day …and thus asking them to remove the ban over Valhalla …

The true face of that crazy man was reveiled to all and banning him and any group he played in was only a matter of a fact …

Below is a private message about the above …the name of the person whom I have been speaking to is removed out of respect to them …:

[13:51:56] ***: hun you still have Valhalla on the bann list out here
[13:52:05] ***: this is not Marcus’s group
[14:26:18] ***: Sakramentos is his group now let me know if you need a list of his alts
[17:17:41] Antonio Feldragonne: yep pls
[17:47:02] ***: you here?
[17:47:07] ***: was afk
[17:48:22] Antonio Feldragonne: wb
[17:48:24] Antonio Feldragonne: now i am
[17:48:28] Antonio Feldragonne: you have the list ?
[17:48:28] ***: aww ty
[17:48:44] ***: yes, i guess you heard by now what he did to Valhalla?
[17:48:56] Antonio Feldragonne: flattened the sim ?
[17:49:10] ***: yes and destroyed the groups all 5 kicked everyone
[17:49:15] ***: and he had it planned
[17:49:18] ***: sick man
[17:49:24] Antonio Feldragonne: oh dear
[17:49:30] Antonio Feldragonne: not sure why people join him
[17:49:56] ***: well he can be very charming, he had me fooled
[17:50:25] ***: he claimed ” He owns the name Valhalla” and thats why he flattened it
[17:50:50] ***: worked his way in here and gained my trust a day later in a rage flattened it
[17:51:22] Antonio Feldragonne: he is a sick dip shit
[17:51:37] ***: anyway he just opened another sim Sakramontos
[17:51:55] Antonio Feldragonne: that one is banned
[17:52:00] Antonio Feldragonne: i was given the name
[17:52:05] Antonio Feldragonne: i need all his alts to ban them
[17:52:06] ***: so beware….it can’t be very busy though cause even last night he was still ejecting people from my old slave group
[17:52:29] ***: Selena Gomez (ladyeroticbliss)
BlackHeart (hybridsblackheart)
Johny Xtreme (xtremexplorer)
Pride Titanøs (theforeigner)
Cainn (purplepainn)
lissy (lisettexx)
CridaShadow (not sure on this one)
[17:52:43] Antonio Feldragonne: he has women’s alts ?
[17:52:47] *** (12sassy): oh yes
[17:52:50] Antonio Feldragonne: lol
[17:53:26] ***: Hercules is a thrall
[17:53:30] ***: to Sorca
[17:54:59] ***: Sorcha jinx i think her name is
[17:55:52] ***: anyway many sims have them banned, hopefully everyone will if they know whats good for them. Need to Boycott that ass
[17:56:36] Antonio Feldragonne: sorcha is him ????
[17:56:39] ***: no
[17:57:00] ***: apparently he was her thrall at immortals
[17:57:08] ***: before he got banned
[17:57:12] Antonio Feldragonne: Oo
[17:57:22] ***: he caused issues over there also
[17:58:14] ***: anyway i noticed earlier Valhalla was banned on your sim. I fiqured it had to do with pride/ this is a new group
[17:58:27] Antonio Feldragonne: i removed them
[17:58:35] Antonio Feldragonne: now his new group is
[17:58:52] ***: ok i had the same thing with Jotner…i hope tere isn’t more..sighs
[17:58:54] ***: there”
[17:58:56] Antonio Feldragonne: he is sorcha’s thrall
[17:58:58] Antonio Feldragonne: i get it
[17:59:16] ***: yeah
[17:59:36] Antonio Feldragonne: lol she is banned
[17:59:42] ***: his new group has 8 members…4 of which are his alts
[17:59:50] ***: 2 his GF

The above is true story which happend 2.5 years ago …years have passed …you know in gor 2 and half years are a lot …and the dude showed up  on an alt called Elijah …and this alt acted so polite that he even gained “my liking”….he even gained the trust of Randy and Cath and unfortunately Sassy AGAIN …I personally never doubted it can be the same sick fucker …until he started showing his true colors …by being the coward fuck , lame character with zero morals or ethics …

So ,,,I am sure you have read the entry posted before this one …guess who was the one who brought the rescue KNOWING I was raiding MW with the intention to literally “sneak” a lame rescue against 2 IC ? Elijah …a behavior I called to make it easy to comprehend “non ethical” not to mention against the rules of my sim …

And guess what he tried to pull last night ….

I was standing on the docks of Ravenscar waiting to get the ic number to give them a good raid as they gave free souls the night before …before I tped my people comes Elijah the lame shit and “locks the docks” then messages me telling me I needed to go as it’s his target now since he locked the docks before me …

I had to arch a brow to be honest …as it was ANOTHER non ethical behavior even for Valhalla …I mean trying to sneak a rescue against 2 ic was so lame …clearly NOT Sassy’s style but Sassy hardly leads raids so…but “stealing a target” that’s really low …I said …well if you have a rescue I would back off …but if not …this is MY target and YOU will leave …of course he thought he will pull the ooc card of locking docks before but he was shocked to know I will handle it icly …so me and my fso people …against him and his valhalla lets sort it out on the docks …it kind of reminded me of the old days …two enemies on the docks settling issues icly …of course he couldn’t …he set arena …started ooc crap such as calling me a woman behind the avi …but to man up and play it gorean wise he couldn’t and guess what …he ran in with his group in arena mode to do the raid lol

Of course we set ic and followed …but the dude played it arena …though he got downed many times he managed to be up and running as he was arena …however him and his group after being downed few times been ejected at the end giving them the chance to get the docks before us if they could …and you can surely imagine the result that they never came back because they would have been eaten alive over and over again …and that’s how free souls settled the matter with the Valhalla leader , sassy’s stallion …who has nothing to offer other than …we all know don’t we ?

This creep had the nerve to go back to valhalla and claim that I stole HIS target that he reached the docks before me lol again for his bad luck there is Gyazo which was directly provided to whoever from his group bothered to ask me …needless to say they ( the valhalla people who participated on this event)have apologized for whatever happened …and the issue was sorted …the gorean way …at least from the free souls side …and let me make it clear Elijah/markus/pride/selena gomez lol I will hunt you down like the bitch you are anywhere you will be …and you will be attacked on any sim we see you icly wise not arena you pussy …

The one who can’t make up his mind if he is a free man or a thrall …a man or a woman in this game had the nerve to answer my ic challenge with ooc with the attempt of insulting me by the common insult by anyone who has NOTHING ELSE to say …he forgot that I have ONLY played Antonio character in this game …hint hint ….

Speaking of “woman”  when he couldn’t “man up “and played it like the “pussy” “he” is …

Here is how it went …I arrived first and he came 2 minutes later , pushed my avi and simply locked the docks telling me I can leave and wishing me good day lol yeah it sure was a good day bitch …

[2017/02/05 10:31:56] Second Life: Teleport completed from
[2017/02/05 10:31:56] Second Life: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.
Current simulator: Second Life Server
Previous simulator: Second Life RC Magnum
[2017/02/05 10:31:57] saarrah Riler (Sha Lykke): entered the region (2474.60 m).
[2017/02/05 10:31:57] Shimhi (Haskell Lykke): entered the region (2433.78 m).
[2017/02/05 10:31:57] StarStorms (Star Mムgノc ҚИIǤҤŦ): entered the region (2425.77 m).
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] MasterJonathan Python (Bull Python): entered the region (2425.84 m).
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] Rin Darkfire (Rin ÐαƦкɱαττﻉƦ ): entered the region (2445.38 m).
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] TalibahSiddiqah (ŞĄĐIĔ): entered the region (2447.06 m).
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] priya Fiertze (spiffy): entered the region (2460.94 m).
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] megan Oskar (jasmine): entered the region (2465.00 m).
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] RisingFirebird (ℜίℱί ℜίşίηg): entered the region (2460.92 m).
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] AkiraNightwolf001 (Aкι SкєƖƖιηgтση): entered the region (2425.78 m).
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] TamarinSofiaBennett (Tami): entered the region (2487.87 m).
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] GM 4.51: /me ~ Region synchronized ~
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] GM 4.51: /me ~ This region (Byera Bay) has enabled: [Stronger melee] [Shields] [Bandaging] [Beast] [Zero splash] ~
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] Kuraro Blowdart Draw (dart) 2.11: The blowdart matches the sim setting
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] WolfHunter Recurve Draw [Elite] v5.02b: The bow matches the sim setting
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] WolfHunter Recurve Draw [Elite] v5.02b: Hit report only direct
[2017/02/05 10:32:00] Kuraro Blowdart Draw (dart) 2.11: Hit report only direct
[2017/02/05 10:32:10] ƒŏẍ Ӄђąη (nastysha): is online.
[2017/02/05 10:32:15] Sim Access Control v4.01: Hello Antonio Feldragonne, welcome at Byera Bay. You are wearing 69 scripts, using 2.8 MB of memory. I remember you this sim allows max 100 script, and max 4.0 MB of script memory.
[2017/02/05 10:32:15] Marlee McAndrews: is offline.
[2017/02/05 10:32:39] Lark (discovering.destiny): is offline.
[2017/02/05 10:32:56] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): MasterJonathan Python is now back in character.
[2017/02/05 10:33:01] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): AkiraNightwolf001 Resident is now back in character.
[2017/02/05 10:33:10] priya Fiertze (spiffy): left the region.
[2017/02/05 10:33:15] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): megan Oskar left Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:33:29] ElijahMOriginal (ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ): entered the region (2497.28 m).

Elijah shouted his shit and here it began ….

[2017/02/05 10:40:41] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): shouts: all fso can go valhalla raid
[2017/02/05 10:41:00] Michael Riiser: entered the region (2.66 m).
[2017/02/05 10:41:11] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): shouts: we locked the docks first

[2017/02/05 10:44:25] Antonio Feldragonne: this is fso raid …elijah came to steal the target …so if he is man enough best set ic and lets handle this icly on the docks …and whoever wins gets the target

[2017/02/05 10:44:44] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): `fuck off antonio
[2017/02/05 10:44:52] Snooki (magicfoxtail): /me um wow that wrong”
[2017/02/05 10:44:56] Wulƒ ℍalldoгг (lnwulf.petrov): is online.
[2017/02/05 10:44:59] Busra Rain: lol
[2017/02/05 10:45:02] 乙üskitα Åﺎéηqںér ƖƧӇMЄƝЄ (zuskita): no need to call names 🙂
[2017/02/05 10:45:05] Antonio Feldragonne: i don’t fuck off dear stallion
[2017/02/05 10:45:08] Antonio Feldragonne: i play it icly
[2017/02/05 10:45:13] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): fso can go home because none will go inside icly
[2017/02/05 10:45:14] Antonio Feldragonne: those dirty games are over
[2017/02/05 10:45:18] Antonio Feldragonne: so man up
[2017/02/05 10:45:20] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): Michael Riiser is now back in character.
[2017/02/05 10:45:21] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): try me
[2017/02/05 10:45:22] Antonio Feldragonne: and lets settle it icly
[2017/02/05 10:45:25] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): valhalla locked the docks
[2017/02/05 10:45:30] Snooki (magicfoxtail): can we just forget them and go
[2017/02/05 10:45:32] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): dont give a fuck if you have a rescue here
[2017/02/05 10:45:35] Laki (ekskluziv1): не плачь
[2017/02/05 10:45:36] Laki (ekskluziv1): do not Cry
[2017/02/05 10:45:38] Antonio Feldragonne: no shithead and you know it that i was here before you
[2017/02/05 10:45:44] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): you were not
[2017/02/05 10:45:51] Antonio Feldragonne: so valhalla are enemies with fso
[2017/02/05 10:45:54] Antonio Feldragonne: we came here to raid
[2017/02/05 10:46:02] Antonio Feldragonne: you wish to have it earn it icly
[2017/02/05 10:46:04] Antonio Feldragonne: lets see you
[2017/02/05 10:46:25] Antonio Feldragonne: lets all set ic
[2017/02/05 10:46:26] Antonio Feldragonne: and play
[2017/02/05 10:46:31] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): MONIKE2014 Resident left Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:46:32] Antonio Feldragonne: it’s just a game
[2017/02/05 10:46:36] Antonio Feldragonne: ready ?
[2017/02/05 10:46:36] ॐ ṦḼĬđḜḨṍŘŘṍŘ ॐ (slidehorror): .unleash
[2017/02/05 10:46:39] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): antonio stfu
[2017/02/05 10:46:41] Busra Rain: yes
[2017/02/05 10:46:41] Busra Rain (Q-Translator b:de->en): Yes
[2017/02/05 10:46:42] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): nobody cares
[2017/02/05 10:46:44] Növïkäv Kružić (novikav): is offline.
[2017/02/05 10:46:44] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): MONIKE2014 Resident entered Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:46:44] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): Missourishine Resident left Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:46:45] Antonio Feldragonne: awwww
[2017/02/05 10:46:46] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): Busra Rain left Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:46:55] Antonio Feldragonne: stop being a bitch and man up
[2017/02/05 10:46:59] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): magicfoxtail Resident entered Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:47:03] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): `says the woman playing a man
[2017/02/05 10:47:07] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): please keep your mouth
[2017/02/05 10:47:11] Antonio Feldragonne: awwww
[2017/02/05 10:47:14] Antonio Feldragonne: that’s all you can say ?
[2017/02/05 10:47:14] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): Missourishine Resident entered Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:47:19] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): TartySun Resident entered Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:47:20] Antonio Feldragonne: get some balls “man” and set ic
[2017/02/05 10:47:20] Busra Rain: ich will jetzt kempfen ihr lredet zu viel
[2017/02/05 10:47:21] Busra Rain (Q-Translator b:de->en): I want to fight now her lredet too much
[2017/02/05 10:47:23] TαTï ҚИIǤҤŦ (tatianna.starostin): is offline.
[2017/02/05 10:47:28] Antonio Feldragonne: tell your people to set ic “man”
[2017/02/05 10:47:30] Tatianna Starostin ( TαTï ҚИIǤҤŦ): left the region.
[2017/02/05 10:47:35] Antonio Feldragonne: and lets see how man are you ?
[2017/02/05 10:47:37] Marlee McAndrews: is online.
[2017/02/05 10:47:56] Michael Riiser: I WANNA KILL – NO MATTER WHO I KILL !
[2017/02/05 10:48:01] Antonio Feldragonne: and you dare to say i am the “woman ” boohoooo
[2017/02/05 10:48:04] 乙üskitα Åﺎéηqںér ƖƧӇMЄƝЄ (zuskita): lol michael
[2017/02/05 10:48:11] Laki (ekskluziv1): КЕша лол
[2017/02/05 10:48:12] Laki (ekskluziv1): Kesha lol
[2017/02/05 10:48:12] Michael Riiser: Hi Z !
[2017/02/05 10:48:20] Antonio Feldragonne: man up sassy’s stallion
[2017/02/05 10:48:24] K E S H A (prince.zackerly): shhh
[2017/02/05 10:48:32] 乙üskitα Åﺎéηqںér ƖƧӇMЄƝЄ (zuskita): well i have been in ts with antonio and he has a very deep voice to be a woman 0.o
[2017/02/05 10:48:42] єηαđ Åﺎéηqںér (3enad): is online.
[2017/02/05 10:48:43] Antonio Feldragonne: haha
[2017/02/05 10:48:45] Busra Rain: michael töte ELIJA damit wir anfangen können
[2017/02/05 10:48:45] Busra Rain (Q-Translator b:de->en): Michael kill ELIJAH so that we can start
[2017/02/05 10:48:46] K E S H A (prince.zackerly): why wasting time first we fight then you fight
[2017/02/05 10:48:47] 乙üskitα Åﺎéηqںér ƖƧӇMЄƝЄ (zuskita): so thats kinda bullshit elija
[2017/02/05 10:48:55] Antonio Feldragonne: well let him feel he has some balls by just saying that
[2017/02/05 10:48:59] YUNA VAN HANDSOME (xmisscupcakex): is offline.
[2017/02/05 10:49:05] Antonio Feldragonne: but the man is now going to be proved on these docks
[2017/02/05 10:49:09] Antonio Feldragonne: so one of the two
[2017/02/05 10:49:11] Ɩαυ Ɩє SσυƖ (maniyavelichiya): is offline.

[2017/02/05 10:49:26] Antonio Feldragonne: set ic fucker or get the hell out of here because we are here for a war
[2017/02/05 10:49:26] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): magicfoxtail Resident left Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:49:27] Marlee McAndrews: is offline.
[2017/02/05 10:49:27] Mavina (Mavina Venom): left the region.
[2017/02/05 10:49:35] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): Antonio Feldragonne left Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:49:36] Antonio Feldragonne: .unleash
[2017/02/05 10:49:36] WolfHunter Recurve Draw [Elite] v5.02b: Drawn
[2017/02/05 10:49:36] LR Crusader Klaive Draw [AF] 2.19: Sheathed
[2017/02/05 10:49:39] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): Missourishine Resident left Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:49:39] Moƞȳ Kħαŋ (monike2014): Bow
[2017/02/05 10:49:39] Moƞȳ Kħαŋ (monike2014): .unleash
[2017/02/05 10:49:39] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): ekskluziv1 Resident left Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:49:41] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): prince Zackerly left Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:49:41] Laki (ekskluziv1): .unleash
[2017/02/05 10:49:42] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): Tifridh Fallen left Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:49:44] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): MONIKE2014 Resident left Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:49:46] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): Shimhi Resident left Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:49:47] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): TartySun Resident left Arena Mode.
[2017/02/05 10:49:49] DinGo (dingo.beverly): .unleash
[2017/02/05 10:49:51] violletvalkirija: .unleash
[2017/02/05 10:49:52] violletvalkirija: .unleash

Valhalla went in to raid , free souls followed and Elijah set arena hahaha

[2017/02/05 10:50:05] Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): ElijahMOriginal Resident entered Arena Mode.

[2017/02/05 10:52:44] Michael Riiser: shouts: ELLIJAH IS FIGHTING IN ARENA MODE, KICK HIM OUT OF THE SIM
[2017/02/05 10:52:46] Michael Riiser: shouts: ELLIJAH IS FIGHTING IN ARENA MODE, KICK HIM OUT OF THE SIM
[2017/02/05 10:52:47] Michael Riiser: shouts: ELLIJAH IS FIGHTING IN ARENA MODE, KICK HIM OUT OF THE SIM
[2017/02/05 10:52:48] Michael Riiser: shouts: ELLIJAH IS FIGHTING IN ARENA MODE, KICK HIM OUT OF THE SIM
[2017/02/05 10:52:49] GM 4.51: /me ~ MONIKE2014 Resident managed to dodge the attack ~
[2017/02/05 10:52:49] Michael Riiser: shouts: ELLIJAH IS FIGHTING IN ARENA MODE, KICK HIM OUT OF THE SIM

It went on and on icly wise from free souls part …arena mode from Elijah part …as the coward he is …then came the sim message :

[2017/02/05 10:53:29] MasterJonathan Python: AS FUNNY AS THIS WAS……THIS RAID IS OVER……SORRY

[2017/02/05 10:54:50] Antonio Feldragonne: set ic you pussy
[2017/02/05 10:54:55] Antonio Feldragonne: pussy

He wouldn’t so it continued ….and poor Elijah was threatening the following :

[2017/02/05 11:00:53] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): aint going to raid here
[2017/02/05 11:00:55] saarrah Riler: i am sending all home .. who gets back first and locks the dock will get to raid
[2017/02/05 11:00:56] Antonio Feldragonne: Draws his Glaive and Shield …
[2017/02/05 11:00:56] Antonio Feldragonne: .unleash
[2017/02/05 11:00:59] GM 4.51: /me ~ megan Oskar Has Captured Michael Riiser! ~
[2017/02/05 11:01:00] GM 4.51: /me ~ ElijahMOriginal Resident has recovered! ~
[2017/02/05 11:01:00] ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ (elijahmoriginal): ill be here all day if i have too
[2017/02/05 11:01:17] ElijahMOriginal (ᴇʟɪנᴀ ᴤᴡᴏʀᴅᴤ ᴅɪ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀɪᴏ): left the region.

Hahaha and he got sent home …I WASN’T …and free souls and the decent raiders of gor who plays ethically and gorean wise WON the target fair and square and had a good game back and forth with the Ravernscar people …

I can only wish Sassy well as she is one of the best women who are rare in gor …gnuinely good woman who happens to fall for the worst kind of men who are nothing but low life losers with sick pathetic shit ….

Since that drama with the rescue Valhalla has been avoided …I haven’t raided or rescued there and if they don’t get rescues they won’t raid us of course …attempts to sort it by Z , bless him , were done …but after what Elijah pulled for the second time …and so long he is with Sassy the situation will remian even IF Valhalla people will always be welcome to visit free souls lands and some of them are even friends of free souls members and myself and will always be welcome to vist and as friends….

The song chosen for this entry gifted to Elijah :” I am a loser”

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Today’s Gor Game…


Few groups …with few leaders …and MANY raid groups …same players , different names …but all are trying to play THEIR game …some still are loyal to gor in its essence by wishing to rp not just pew pew ..some still rp gor as it’s supposed to be but MOST are into disney gor where women assume this is earth…or men are submissive and only rps the tavern rp …However almost ALL are onto just pew pew …

So how does this game work ? or what is required to be able to get the pew pew you wish for ?

Here’s what clearly ALMOST all not aware of …it does require groups playing on sims …leaders or owners who pay for those sims and its build to provide it for ALL to play …

So bottom line it requires also members in these groups …and not just raiders who come and ask you to defend in your camp on free lanses terms to be able to give you their middle finger at any certain moment without any loyalty …from one hand from another they would simply learn your tactics and camp and then play against you helping your enemy to know all your “secrets”…as one who was supposed to be my own daughter did …playing an alt to raid us and give away our internal things to the enemy group…

We are getting less and less options in the game which is about to make us become bored …if not bored already …and instead of working things out as leaders together by giving the respect to each other’s rules on their sim and play with certain ethics we simply ASSUME we can force the ” I give you traffic” line to be the punch line …when it’s not …because at any given time another group would close and less options will be there …and believe it or not that’s NOT what any sane leader wish that happens ….

Here’s an example of how leaders of other groups act …true story …Valhalla :

Valhalla raided free souls a small raid ,,they lost …a cap was kept for rp …

Immediately I took the team to raid MW…the raid took a bit long due to having a new tactic by a new wanna be leader they had who taught them to run around the sim in circles and circles instead of fighting …so the raid was over exactly as the hour of rp was done and as we were getting home …Valhalla already locked the docks …

Free souls have a rule in this regard :

That you have to give them 15 mins from the time they were done from a raid either in or out .

“If we were just raided, or have just returned from raiding, nobody can enter the raid or raid us until 15 minutes have passed since the last raider left the sim, or the last of our people return with a captive.”

So they HAD to allow us all to come back and be a part of the defense …not to mention there were ONLY 2 ic on sim …( they insist there were 3 when the 3rd set afk as they landed on doskc due to rl illness at that time ).

I didn’t think I needed the rules to explain why they should honor that , I honestly thought they have some “Ethics” by not trying to “sneak” a rescue when nobody is there to defend while KNOWING that I was raiding elswehere …

The Valhalla arguments were the following , back then and even yesterday :

  1. They don’t like nor accept the rule ! Oo …I have to take the time here and mention they have argued other rules in the past and we accomodated their asses because they assumed that’s why they lose on raids and rescues so we had to clarify that so they don’t really keep hallucinating …
  2. The rescue was due so we should have been home sitting on our asses for the rescue time when they might not come exactly on time …which means we were supposed to waste an hour or more of our quality time waiting on our ass for them to come rescue …and tell me how many times the rescues were late ? seriously …that’s beyond absurd and so long the captive is enjoying the rp …why even the fuss of rescue due on exact time or otherwise …
  3. I have insulted them by mentioning “ethics” in the game which they clearly lack by acting as they did …


I have to say …I can resent this leader’s or admin’s behavior or that …but whether we like it or not we are leading a group of people and they are here to play and we should act a bit mature to allow this game rolling …

I had Valhalla members on my sim daily wanting to raid and got answers from their admins why they shouldn’t such as :

Free souls won’t allow you to take a cap . <<<that’s a lie!

Free souls have commented on our build on each raid .<<<Another lie!

Now you know that the above admins answers are False! they simply tried to sneak a rescue – a non ethical attempt , against the rule which they wouldn’t respect …and so they thought they can force it or tp out and then babble bs to their members who happen to like to play with free souls …

Free souls DON’T have Valhalla banned and so long they respect the rules of our sim they are welcome …

If they win and take a captive free souls WILL rescue …and whether you have shitty rules or build or not , this is your sim , your rules …however you best have the system of impartical mods working in case of any issues and not let those who believe they are the gods of Valhalla to handle it …and by that I mean the following :

Peachy – the evil cunt of gor- Yes …she used to be one of my best friends and I used to love her to death …however …her true colors started to show when she started lying about her health to gain sympathy in gor …she lied , she cheated on her partners and played them evilly …yes she did and big time ..when she made all believe she was sick and helpless she simply was cheating on her partner Bosk on an alt with Salter …yes and she broke his heart without any excuses …

Then she played her second episode of cancer in her head …a story she is still playing till this day manipulating with it the Valhalla leaders and members …with desregard of the feelings of people who know a bit about cancer and lost their loved ones due to that…true and cruel manipulation of feelings ….

Now if she was lying and acting normal as she used to act being the nice woman , who played it decent and fair that’s fine …the woman has turned to become evil …who would speak rudely to anyone over anything …I have to say I was on a break when she changed her skin …and when I came back I heard about her change …but I kept on defending her remembering the good old days …only to be slapped by her evil shit which made me wonder if she acted all those years …this cunt hates free souls who were her freaking allies to her Gaza group …she flat out makes drama each raid they raided Valhalla or Valhalla raided free souls and she won’t stat the fuck out of it and if she gets banned you get all her cry babies asking to unban her to come and do her show of drama …jesus …GET A FUCKING LIFE AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUNCH OF 4 LITTLE INFANTS !

2-Magic( Mムgノc ҚИIǤҤŦ (Encryption Magic))- A stupid admin …far from being magic …unless we are dealing with BLACK magic ….this admin of Valhalla denied me a mod call after a long ass rescue where one of his members cheated and changed the outcome by her cheating …

And on another occasion he kicked another fighter of mine mid raid while HIS member cheated and downed her from a bubble only to cause people to leave us mid rescue and “sort out the odds of the raid”…

And he went bragging saying what he didn’t dare to say to me as I would have had what to say about it and here it goes :

“[10:08:04] Mムgノc ҚИIǤҤŦ (Encryption Magic): all good, i have told antonio as Admin i over rule mods on valhalla so do as he wants as he has been all this time”

True story …the guy who is appointed as admin in Valhalla claims to over rule their mods ..when clearly he can’t be impartial and looks like he has a little pissing issue with me …lol and to top it all he dared even to ban me …till Sassy sent me a message to inform me the ban has been removed …so sweet of her to do so while she never bothered to check about the ban and allowed such behavior of denying a mod and banning another leader, whom she was supposed to be his friend , for daring to ask for it …

And on another occasion I was begged by another leader of Valhalla to bring a rescue …I said I am banned by the god Magic and he said no the ban is removed …I got to the docks and boom I was sent home by the cunt Magic lol

Those are the facts and it’s so much supported with logs which can be produced if need be …but for now …this entry is for the Valhalla people who come to raid Free souls and asked by their admins not to and ask me why …THIS IS why …

Therefore …If your leaders allow an impartial mod( never peachy or magic ) if there are issues on the raids on YOUR sim and respect OUR rules on our sim …no sweat …the game is on …like any other game with any other group …


The song chosen for this entry is :”And I love you so ” By the late king Elvis !

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The Story of the two criminals…coming up soon


It is rather funny how criminal people tend to get hooked together eventually …coming up soon the story of the two criminals who decided to go the dark road once more …and you would think they learn …

An advise for the “wise” people …”clean your shit before you mess with those who can piss on you …”


The song chosen for this entry is by Garbage – “Push It “…

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The Gorean “Aids”…


We never think of it consciously though we act upon it …especially when it comes for our choice of women …

“Overly used slut” how many times have we used this term only to express how we feel about a woman who is there just to have cyber sex with every Tom , Dick & Harry ?

Such women tend to be literally cunts because they assume the whole world and their cousins owes them something because that’s what they provide …

You would think it’s as they said just role play but no …for those who have met them of course you know then they provide nude pictures featuring their intimate organs and more some even simply masturbate for you real time on a web cam while using Skype …

To be honest , once you get to know such I am sure you simply try to get what you want yet won’t be associating with them for long certainly not on steady bases and or publicly …because again …it’s disgusting …it’s embarrassing …and rather infecting with the “Gorean aids” lol

And now to the story of the entry …the cunt’s name is Phia or elle gurbux, Nyx Darcy (nyxaeris), Aуℓα (psynneclair), michelle glass…I am sure you all know her …she is one of kind cunt …acts all devoted to her real life husband the one and only flexi looks kris dejavous…

Husband and wife who are so fucked up in real life that they need a sl to fill it …a cheating woman who is fucking men on skype giving them nude pictures and real time nude camming to complete their fantasy …and as most are eager for a porn movie which is made just for them then Voila!

The husband who is paying for the sim for his wife to cheat on him had no clue first …second he is online only on weekends …and that is exactly what the cunt needs …free time and space and while she justifies her infidality by being abused …she is basically infecting us with ” Gorean Aids”

Kris simply works hard and comes home on the weekend to play on his noobish avatar enjoying the little he can get while giving the cunt all her needs to play with men on his absence or …when he sleeps …with a few men at the same time because he is either an impotent or she is a nymph …this or that , who really cares, and here’s just an example for you to get the “taste”:

[2016/05/14 08:29:00] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): I’m sorry
[2016/05/14 08:29:22] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): I don’t want you to feel anything bit happy
[2016/05/14 08:29:29] You: i am happy babes
[2016/05/14 08:29:43] You: i just do not know how safe to speak with you if yo know what i mean
[2016/05/14 08:30:02] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): Yes, my Master. I know.
[2016/05/14 08:30:20] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): I talk when I can
[2016/05/14 08:30:41] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): when it’s just me
[2016/05/14 08:30:55] You: coz i am not sure if he is around and sees it and i worry about you
[2016/05/14 08:31:17] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): no, my Master. He is in bed. I would never talk like this with him around.
[2016/05/14 08:31:57] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): I don’t want You to feel bad =(
[2016/05/14 08:33:10] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): would you feel better if I didn’t talk at all on the weekends?
[2016/05/14 08:33:43] You: no babes
[2016/05/14 08:33:52] You: i love talking to you
[2016/05/14 08:33:57] You: and i want to talk to you
[2016/05/14 08:34:20] You: i just was not sure he is around so you need to tell me he is in bed and all and safe to talk like that
[2016/05/14 08:34:27] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): me too but I never want to be the cause of any stress for you
[2016/05/14 08:34:32] You: coz i love to make my girl’s pussy throbbing for me and wet
[2016/05/14 08:34:38] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): =)
[2016/05/14 08:34:49] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): yes, my Master
[2016/05/14 08:35:00] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): Missed saying that too ^
[2016/05/14 08:35:34] You: smile i love you calling me my master
[2016/05/14 08:36:18] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): I need to go shower and when I do, may I touch myself while I think of my Master and his cock?
[2016/05/14 08:36:28] You: omg Yes you may
[2016/05/14 08:36:47] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): I will always ask permission
[2016/05/14 08:36:49] You: i so love you to that
[2016/05/14 08:36:55] You: i love it when you do
[2016/05/14 08:37:01] You: you are one horny little slut 🙂
[2016/05/14 08:37:09] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): that makes me very happy to hear, my Master
[2016/05/14 08:37:14] You: would you send pic to your master mine
[2016/05/14 08:37:20] You: fuck i am so hard now mine
[2016/05/14 08:37:38] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): yes, my Master and I would love to hear You playing
[2016/05/14 08:38:16] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): so I can better picture it fucking me
[2016/05/14 08:38:33] You: mmmm
[2016/05/14 08:38:52] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): close my eyes and fuck myself with my toy and imagine it’s You
[2016/05/14 08:39:06] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): or that You told me to do it and are watching me
[2016/05/14 08:39:09] You: omg i love to use your toy on you
[2016/05/14 08:39:44] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): I’m so wet right now.
[2016/05/14 08:39:49] You: wanna call me quickly
[2016/05/14 08:40:32] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): he’s getting up. I hear him moving around. That’s why I was going to go take a shower.
[2016/05/14 08:40:34] Ƥɧία (phia.paine): 🙂
[2016/05/14 08:40:53] You: 🙂
[2016/05/14 08:40:59] You: ok go
[2016/05/14 08:41:04] You: and play with yourself

Nude picture featuring her dripping wet pussy is also available …and many more with every man she fucked with…and she is scared that her hubby knows about it as those pictures feature her face and held against her …by …and by …and by …

Her account Phia was given to her by a man who is the alt of the slave in her partner box , she fucks with him for years , just as she fucks for sure with a few more and names are available…

I had her in my group for a few days  , then she made a drama with her tool gunner thinking that SHE can possibly force ME to do things as SHE wants lol …( I guess little did she know …)so she left to join another group while trashing me there but only to make another drama …then made her hubby kris dejavous pay for a sim to fuck around and a group which was nothing but drama …

Two days ago as she saw people like to raid Free souls for fun as opposed to her group …she decided to make a drama …and asking in group chats WHY she is banned …D’uh!!

Certainly her tool and rl husband have informed her of the drama they did at free souls when her hubby was naked on a special cross with the intent to make him submit to woman who enjoyed the sexual RP while playing the role of free woman …as I have informed her that I will handle her icly for whatever I caught mid raid a huge drama arrose by him and her haha he simply enjoyed having his pixel dick played with so to speak …her tool came over to rescue just as I gave her hubby a tour to the moon for jumping in my ims to “tell ME how to run MY group …” coughs ,,,her tool was even using her “tampon” in his drama …as their drama on my sim was cut …

She asked in group chats she got no reply …then asked one of the frequent raiders to the free souls sim …as she got no reply she used her tool’s alt or used the tool himself ( Elijah McNamara (elijahmcnamara))…hell if I know or care …no reply to satisfy her drama queen cuntish evil soul …so she resorted to her own well known alts …and she posted the “im” all over gor thinking she can trash me …Here I have to say a few points :

1. It’s a breach of Tos , but what’s new for someone like her…
2. the act of passing our private ims proves she never really wanted to be unbanned but rather to play the drama cunt that she is and try to trash me…which proves why I was right that she should remain perma banned because I did give her a chance which she chose not to grab but rather abuse …AND to remove any misunderstandings here :
3.I , as sim owner , can ban ANY cunt on my sim …and NOBODY will ever force me to play with anyone I don’t wish to play with , simple!!! how hard it is to get it that I am not here to waste my valuable time and energy over people that I simply won’t piss in their direction ?? this isn’t really a rocket science …

What was too funny about them both , that they assumed they can FORCE ME to unban her by only stating OTHERS who love to raid here won’t be raiding because SHE IS banned …hmm I had to really laugh at it …knowing how insignificant player she is… she really had some nerve …but then again I recalled a mutual friend who asked me to get her unbanned before …and because of him,as I respect him, I removed her ban …but ermmm I am sure he and others know now her true colors enough not to ever do this again …

I was supposed to post this yesterday but I had no time for it and this morning I received the group message which her hubby sent in his group( kerseyr vikings)  to explain the reason for closing it :

why this is closing
Sat, Jul 30 2016 11:22:05 AM PDT
“just so everyone isnt in the dark ,, seems my whore ass wife cant keep her pixel pussy to herself and keep shit going .. come to find out she was fucking ziwar5 the whole time i was busting my ass to make this sim happen . so guys please feel free to spread th9is all over gor to rouin her fucking game just like she killed it for me and the rest of us that stuck it out to make this group work .. sorry people but i have been betrayed by the ones i trusted for the last time ..”
I have to correct him here , because not only her pixel pussy was used in this …and not just Ziwar was seduced to enjoy it …and instead of blaming him and others who were seduced by this slut…you need to do better homework dude …your pixel dick and pussy and your need , not just hers , to enjoy cyber sex with OTHERS to get excited is the symptom of a worse issue “at home” between you two as couple …go fix it instead of playing gor busting your ass for a group of strangers…and spreading your dirty laundry for all to see and blaming others for it !

So now “Phia” as we gave your respectful biography a bit of my time I really advise you to stay off my face and ims …you and your tools because I am WAY ABOVE your league which is why we can’t get along …and when I ban someone they should know perfectly well they best thank me for it …because my reasons are always so right to even question …and lets list them ..:
1. cheating and or
2. ooc abuse and or
3. Racism and or
4. Being a cunt/dick.

Lets enjoy the song chosen for this entry and be safe from Gorean Aids …

Mariah Carey – “I Want To Know What Love Is ” , because only love can release you from evil and infidelity …






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The Venna (kasra) cunt – Chapter 2

up yours


I have to say that I have laughed so much after reading chapter one and now as I started typing this one I got even more amused …

Some update for the incidents which happened after chapter 1 so you can understand chapter 2 …

The kasra cunt decided to order a video from one lame player , who was considered to be a “friend” but with such friends who needs enemies really …that dude who claims to be from eastern Europe and suffered historically wise from all the Nazi’s crap , has found it amusing to create a funny text while using a video about Hitler …and the subject of course was Antonio Feldragonne…

Here I must make one point clear ,though i am NOT jewish , even if I am Israeli , I still condemn what Hitler has done and thus for me as a human ,the video was VERY offensive !

I have kicked from free souls lately a person called Allina for pretending to be a Nazi , of course she started saying I was jew to explain why I have kicked her , but trust me I am NOT …not that I care if you think I am …however I wouldn’t allow any offence , or discrimination to any sector of people based on nationality , religion , color , sexual preferences or anything else …

I was contacted by my dear friend Tainted who asked me to check that video out and when I did my first reaction was to laugh at the text which that lame dude had , it was funny , however beyond the joke it only showed what a low life this person is or anyone who would justify such use of a video …

To cut the long story short , the ignorant Ian Cise the boy of the Kasra cunt was behind passing it in the group chats of SL …while that lame dude who made it took responsibility for creating it once , then as he realized he would be in deep shit for it , he threw the responsibility over Ian , this or that I made him remove it by simply waving the right complaint to LL …after all clearly LL won’t allow such use of such Video ..and the people in question would lose their accounts and they would need the Kasra cunt then to help them get new ones ….

The Kasra cunt and her boy kept on pushing it though muted she is …so she started pushing others whom she is playing in her group to message me to get my attention …

First , I owe Rosy Darkwitch an apology  for mentioning her on  chapter one as she wasn’t a part of this shit THIS time, as it appeared to be related to another ex of mine …someone who sends nude pictures to men here to get them going wanting her …and uses her husband’s money , the man whom she is cheating on , to open groups every year …then closing them when she gets bored with the men she is changing as her underwear …( this ex was clean as opposed to …you know …coughs )…

Now clearly I never expected this , since this ex was begging me to get her back …came to me every few months on different alts just begging to be leashed …true story and many can testify on that …however …I believe in the say exes are exes for a reason …and no matter how much I have loved her in the past , and I truly did , I would never get back with her because she shouldn’t be cheating on her husband and living the life of a liar on the net using people and playing with their feelings …she should take care of her 4 kids at home and worship the man who is providing her the life she doesn’t deserve …

So now it all adds up …”many groups which were closed” …hmm lets count yours Mrs M. and see how many men you played over sl and how many alts for god’s sake you have !! I mean this alt was created before you were with me …which proves yet another one of your lies …so Rosy was right about you even if she is sick in her head …

last year she was playing two men on two alts , in one of her groups which she had …then she decided to dump both while playing on another alt with someone else who was taking a break from gor …his good friend simply passed him messages he was having with her to prove she was cheating on him with his friend …and this guy was smart enough to dump her …

She tried to contact me , of course I got her muted , so she contacted my partner who told her off politely and intelligently …

She begged me not to post the shit she did last year because again she tried to mess with me …she has contacted me acting all friendly denying any part of that crap …and I let it go …just as I let go of the horrible crap she did to me before …and thought she grew up and settled …but I guess people don’t change …they simply change avatars in gor …just as she does every year…with a new group…do you want me to say who you are Mrs M.?

Lets share together the song you chose for me to post on the entry which I have posted about …shall we ?

By the way did you fix your teeth yet ?



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